Attorney General (AG)and Minister of Legal Affairs, Anil Nandlall, was in high praise yesterday of the Criminal Justice System Programme which, funded by an Inter-American Development Bank, led to key improvements in the State’s prosecutorial services.

During the delivery of his remarks, Nandlall said that one of the activities embraced by this programme is the strengthening of the “Prosecutorial Arm” of the State. This component of the Programme is aimed at enhancing the Chambers of the Director of Public Prosecutions as well as the Prosecutor’s Office of the Guyana Police Force. He said that it is this component of the Programme that was being lauded yesterday.
The Minister of Legal Affairs said that the Programme in its quest to strengthen the prosecutorial arm of the State has lent support to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Guyana Police Force, both at Brickdam and at New Amsterdam, Berbice.

He noted that the Programme supported Civil Works at Brickdam, which commenced in January of 2020 and concluded in June of 2020. Guyana Standard understands that the Works included the provision of construction services for its rehabilitation, electrical installation, plumbing installation and painting.

Similarly, at the Prosecutor’s Office located at Berbice, Nandlall stated that the programme is privileged to also support the rehabilitation of that office along with the provision of electrical, plumbing and painting services. He said that this activity commenced in July 2020, and was recently completed.

Additionally, the Attorney General said that the programme supplied electrical equipment, computer hardware and accessories, required law books, cubicles and accessories, office equipment and furnishings for the Office located at Brickdam. More specifically, the Minister said that the programme provided prosecutors with 22 laptops and three desktop computers, 22 USB Flash Drives, five Printers, 25 Desk Organizers, 75 Task Chairs, 26 Staff Cubicles with Workstations, Bookshelves, Smith and Hogan Criminal Law, Archbold Criminal Pleading Evidence and Practice, Murphy on Evidence, Commonwealth Caribbean Criminal Practice, Televisions, Refrigerator and Water Dispensers, among other things.

Nandlall said that the provision of the aforementioned equipment and requisite tools will contribute to better representation, greater efficiency and effectiveness in disposing of cases and reduction in the need for adjournments.

Further to this, Nandlall said that the Chambers of the Director of Public Prosecutions also acquired support to bolster provision of its services. In this regard, he noted that it was bolstered by the acquisition of 10 desktop computers, five laptops, 10 LaserJet Printers, four photocopying machines, and one digital camera, among other things.

Nandlall said that the Ministry of Legal Affairs is proud to be associated with this initiative and reiterate its commitment to continually work towards achieving the reduction of the overcrowding conditions of our prison system.


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