A Partnership for National Unity + Alliance for Change (APNU+AFC) Member of Parliament (MP), Shurwayne Holder is putting the Irfaan Ali-led administration on notice that “squandermania” and “corruption” will not be allowed.

In making his debut presentation in the Assembly, Holder said that resistance against such illegalities is paramount. He spoke about the administration’s intention to resuscitate controversial projects, and the need for better research methodologies and planning.

He made reference to the Amaila Falls project, which the PPP/C administration plans to revive. Indeed, the project has had its share of criticism in the past, rendering the project a contentious one. The PPP/C in its manifesto, expressed the view that the project will reduce electricity cost, thereby upping production and reducing cost of living.

“[O]ne such failed initiative that the PPP administration is seeking to resurrect from the dead is the highly controversial Amaila Falls Hydro Project. Every Guyanese will recall the secrecy and corruption that encompassed this project. From the handpicked contractor with no experience building a road to the collapsing of the said road and the 150% cost overrun. It was an absolute disaster…To add insult to injury, there were numerous design flaws,” Holder told the House.

The MP endorsed the coalition “pulling the plug” on the project when it was in office, after an assessment revealed numerous risks and flaws which threatened the project’s long-term effectiveness and proved to be too costly and burdensome for a small developing state like Guyana.

Holder said that to revisit the project without a proper approach will spell doom for Guyanese, and will pave the way for corruption.

“The PPP seems to be in a haste to put forward this project without conducting due diligence and without a proper plan. I would like to put this government on notice, that if squandermania and corruption as it appears to be the order of the day, then the people of Guyana will [have] none of it.


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