A total of 140 inmates at Lusignan Prison have been tested positive for COVID-19, Home Affairs Minister Robeson Benn said this morning in response to questions posed in the National Assembly by Opposition Member of Parliament (M.P.) Geeta Chandon-Edmond.

The minister’s revelation comes on the heels of a riot that erupted last weekend, which saw two prisoners being killed, and seven injured.
He further stated that 80 of the infected inmates have been taken to the Madewini quarantine facility. Those prisoners are under guard by members of the joint services.

At the time of the unrest, works were being carried out to the east of the Lusignan facility to erect tents with beds and cots to ensure that prisoners maintained social distancing. However, due to the incident, works were put on pause. Benn reported that those works resumed yesterday and are expected to be completed tomorrow.

The minister said that all measures are being taken to curb the spread of the virus at the facility but noted the herculean task in ensuring social distancing in an already overcrowded prison.

In light of this, he said that all projects geared to address the issue of space, have been fast tracked.

In providing his response to what led to the prisoners being killed, Benn said that the final perimeter of the jailhouse was being threatened, and “necessary” measures had to be taken to avoid a breakout.


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