Coalition Member of Parliament (MP), Roysdale Forde, S.C. is cautioning against the possibility of a Constitutional breach if the Finance Minister does not lay the statement of expenditure in Parliament as is required by law.

See full statement below:

The APNU+AFC Coalition calls on the PPP to respect the Constitution of Guyana. We demand that the PPP does not trifle with the Constitution and fulfil their obligation under the law.

Article 219 (3) of the Constitution provides that where at any time Parliament has been dissolved before any provision or any sufficient provision for the carrying on of the Government of Guyana, the Minister responsible for Finance may authorize the withdrawal of such sums from the Consolidated Fund which may be necessary for the purpose of meeting expenditure on the public services until the expiry of a period of three months commencing with the date on which the National Assembly first meets after that dissolution.

However, a statement of the expenditure so authorized SHALL, as soon as practicable, be laid before the National Assembly by the Minister responsible for Finance or any other Minister designated by the President and, when the statement has been approved by the Assembly, that expenditure SHALL be included, under the appropriate heads in the next Appropriation Bill.

To date, no minister has laid before the National Assembly any statement in accordance with and as is REQUIRED by Article 219 (3) of the Constitution.

The National Assembly cannot therefore be expected lawfully to approve any such expenditure.

To proceed otherwise would be a breach of the Constitution.

We call on the Government to lay before the National Assembly a statement as required by Article 219 (3) of the Constitution.


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