Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Governance, Gail Teixeira has denied accusations from Leader of the Opposition, Joseph Harmon that the government was putting up its own Members of Parliament (MPs)to ask questions about the Budget estimates in the National Assembly.

On the APNU+AFC Facebook page yesterday, Harmon said that while dealing with matters in the National Assembly concerning the Estimates and Expenditure for 2020, the PPP Members of Parliament chose to ask their own Minister questions which they felt would embarrass the past administration.

However, Minister Teixeira refuted this while noting that any MP could raise questions during a budget debate.

“This is about transparency and accountability. This is money from January to July that was spent without parliamentary cover because there was no Budget,” Minister Teixeira said.

She explained that January to July represented what was spent, August to September was based on projections, and that October to December were requests. Minister Teixeira asserted, “I don’t need to devise a strategy for my MPs. MPs had an interest to know how monies were used.”


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