Enforcing anti-COVID-19 measures remains a herculean task for Guyanese authorities even as the virus continues to ravage Guyana with 78 deaths in six months.

During a recent interview with the Department of Public Information (DPI), the country’s Health Minister Frank Anthony said: “It’s still a weak area for us, because while we continue to emphasize enforcement, it is still challenging. We depend a lot on the police and such agencies. So, that has been a challenge for us. We know that there are places where people gather, and we need to see more action in those areas.”

The minister said that apart from enforcement, more education is needed to prevent citizens from contracting and spreading the virus.

“So, we have to do more on educating people and we can amplify this education if each one of us, who knows the right things to do, tell our friends and family and other people around us about what not to do…If we’re near an environment where we see these things are happening, we should find a way of communicating these things to those persons who are the violators. So, if we all take this form of responsibility, I think it will help us to get that message over, and to get people to start practicing the right thing,” the Minister said.

The most recent statistics produced by the Health Ministry (September 28) shows 2,787 confirmed cases, 15 new cases, 78 deaths and 1,608 recoveries. Some 13,836 persons have been tested to date.


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