The Civil Defence Commission (CDC) has distributed 10,000 relief items and has provided other forms of humanitarian support countrywide to persons affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

CDC Director-General, Lieutenant Colonel Kester Craig made this disclosure at a recent COVID-19 Task Force press briefing held at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre.

“The Commission works with international organisations, non-governmental organisations, and the private sector to ensure we have the necessary relief supply to distribute to residents across  Guyana,” he said.

The CDC has also provided support to the Health Emergency Operations Centre and regional emergency operation centres across the country to ensure that adequate amounts of essential items are available to care for persons in isolation and quarantine.

“Through support from the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency, we have received gloves, masks, personal protective equipment and those equipment were handed over to the Ministry of Health and also to the Regional Response Mechanism to continue to fight COVID-19. That is the posture we will continue to operate on going ahead and we will continue to support all agencies in executing their work,” Lt. Col. Craig said.

The CDC is also working closely with international organisations such as the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHCR) to set up a total of 52 housing units across the country to house persons in isolation and quarantine.
“So, we would like to continue to have the support from those international agencies, their support is valuable to the response. Fighting COVID-19 is not a one-person responsibility, it’s not only the Government, but the responsibility of every individual,” DG added.


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