Noting that Public Servants are “classified” as supporters of the A Partnership for National Unity + Alliance for Change (APNU+AFC), the government asking them to return to work fulltime is the regime’s way of dispensing “punishment”. Making this comment today was APNU+AFC Member of Parliament (MP) and Guyana’s Teachers Union (GTU) General Secretary (GS), Coretta McDonald.

“This rush to have workers return to work is just a mere act of spite. And I would go a little further to say that Public Servants have [been] classified as the main supporters for the APNU+AFC and as a means of getting back at them, this illegal government, they have decided to force workers to return to work without even considering the conditions that are necessary and that supposed to be in place when we think about this COVID pandemic,” she said during a press conference this morning.

McDonald said that move is unconscionable given the alarming increase in positive cases and deaths. Additionally, calling for full resumption of work will impose tremendous financial strain on public servants.

“This is irresponsible, reckless and endangers the lives of every public servant, every member of their families and households and everyone who they come into contact with. What is this undue haste to force public servants to return to work? In addition to the health risks, it is a major burden on parents since schools are not opened and many parents have no way of having their young children cared for while they are at work. Some have had to take on additional financial burden to pay persons to take care of their children,” the Trade Unionist said.


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