The APNU+AFC Coalition advises that its attorneys are in receipt of official correspondence from the Chief Justice (Ag) Madam Roxann George-Wiltshire informing that case management for the Elections Petitions challenging the validity of the March 2 General and Regional Elections has been set for Thursday October 22nd, 2020. The session will be conducted virtually before the Chief Justice.

The APNU+AFC expressed concerned by what it says appears to be sloth in the hearing of the Elections Petitions.

It however, said that it is pleased that the date for the case management has been set and thanks its attorneys for their “unrelenting activism in ensuring that the case management has been scheduled on the named date”.

The Coalition said that it looks forward to the early hearing of the Elections Petitions.

“[We are] confident that it will expose the massive fraud perpetrated on the people of Guyana by the illegitimate PPP regime,” the main Parliamentary Opposition noted.


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