The Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) announced earlier today that it has launched a new project that is expected to increase the overall competitiveness of micro-small and medium scale enterprises in the tourism sector through an improvement in the quality of service delivered to the industry.

The Chamber noted that the project is being supported by funds from the Caribbean Development Bank (CBD) and will be executed in collaboration with the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA), the Tourism Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG), and other stakeholders.

According to the Executive Director of the GCCI, Mr. Richard Rambarran, the project will serve as a catalyst for the tourism industry while noting that it will aid in the development of an industry that is important to Guyana and its future in the upcoming decade.

Ms. Carla James, the Director of the Guyana Tourism Authority, was keen to note that the Authority is excited to be collaborating with the GCCI and the Master Class Institute to implement this very timely project. James noted that the primary objective of the project is to develop quality, standardized curricula for the Tourism and Hospitality sector that will be delivered by institutions across the country, making it more accessible for persons to receive the training needed to enter and/or enhance the skills of the tourism workforce.

Furthermore, James said it is expected that the curricula developed through this project will be delivered by the Hospitality Training Institute of Guyana, which is currently in its development stage. She was elated to note that the project will allow tourism workers to formalize their training in fundamental areas in various tourism specialties which have been a challenge for them to obtain over the years.

Mr. Mitra Ramkumar, the President of the Tourism Hospitality Association (THAG), said that the organization is excited to see this project come to fruition, since it will ultimately result in higher standards of service being delivered consistently across the industry, ranging from five Star and Boutique Hotels to Community Eco-Lodges, Restaurants, Bars and other places of entertainment.

Dr. Rosh Khan, head of the Master Class Institute which was contracted by the Caribbean Development Bank for this initiative was keen to note that post-Covid Guyana will require an ‘all hands on deck’ approach to resuscitate the tourism and hospitality sector in Guyana. With this in mind he said, “We look forward to playing our part in creating tailored-made and culturally-appropriate curricula that will assist to revitalize the tourism industry and raise standards nationwide.”


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