As part of an extensive global review announced earlier this year, ExxonMobil disclosed today that it plans to reduce staffing levels in the United States, primarily at its management offices in Houston, Texas. The company said it anticipates approximately 1,900 employees will be affected through voluntary and involuntary programmes.

It was further noted that workforce reductions are the result of ongoing reorganizations and work-process changes that have been made over the past several years to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Exxon said these actions will improve the company’s long-term cost competitiveness and ensure the company manages through the current unprecedented market conditions. Guyana Standard understands that the impact of COVID-19 on the demand for ExxonMobil’s products has also increased the urgency of the ongoing efficiency work.

The American oil giant which is currently pursuing an aggressive exploration and development programme off the coast of Guyana said it recognizes that these decisions will impact employees and their families but stressed that these programmes were only put in place after comprehensive evaluation and thoughtful deliberation. “Employees who are separated through involuntary programmes will be provided with support, including severance and outplacement services,” the oil king concluded.


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