Government Member of Parliament (MP), Alister Charlie has refuted claims made by the Opposition, that he is a dual citizen. It was Opposition MP, Sherod Duncan, who shared an image on his Facebook page, which claims that Charlie “was caught voting in Brazilian elections at Bon Fim”.

But Charlie issued a missive today in which he stated: “I am extremely disturbed at the unfounded allegations, posted on Facebook by Sherod Duncan – an unquestionably irresponsible Opposition Member of Parliament, that are outright lies seeking to besmirch my good name.”

He continued: “Mr Duncan averred, in his Facebook posting, that I was seen on Sunday, November 15th, voting at the Local Elections in Bonfim, Brazil. I, therefore, hereto set the record straight; that I do not vote or participate in Brazil elections because I am not a Brazilian citizen, but am instead a Guyanese Government Member of Parliament.”

The MP said that hundreds of persons witnessed him accompany the Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal, on the day in question during several outreach programmes in North Rupununi.

“Mr. Duncan’s fallacious and misleading statement will not be taken lightly since his intention is to degrade me by impugning my character and destroying public trust in me as an elected Government functionary representing a Hinterland constituency. I am currently being advised by my lawyers and Mr. Duncan will soon hear from them,” Charlie wrote.


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