President, Dr  Irfaan Ali told senior officers of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) that enhanced professionalism within the force will result in notable  improvements in the way they are viewed by the citizens of Guyana.

The President was at the time delivering remarks at the Annual Commissioner’s Breakfast, which was held this morning at the Officers Mess, Eve Leary.

“For you who serve in the police force, professionalism is the embodiment of everything you do. And I’m not asking for anything beyond that, beyond that professionalism that would see a remarkable improvement in the way the population views you, views your uniform, and the Government.”

He said this is critical as the force’s performance and the Government’s performance go hand in hand and are inseparable in the eyes of the population.

He urged the senior officers to build a legacy of success which is marked by teamwork, trust and commitment.
“I ask you, the senior and commanding officers for us to introspect and for us to strategically come up with possible new ways or modified ways in winning that trust, in winning that confidence.”


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