See full statement from the A Partnership for National Unity + Alliance for Change (APNU+AFC):

The APNU+AFC Coalition has taken note of the unprecedented developments in the United States of America and the storming of the Capitol Building in Washington DC on 6th January, 2021 while Legislators were in the process of a Count of Electoral Votes.

This is reminiscent of the storming and vandalizing of the Guyana Elections Commission’s centre at Ashmin’s building in Georgetown in March, 2020 and aimed at stopping the tallying of votes cast at our General and Regional Elections. On that occasion executives and agents of the Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) executed the dastardly act in the full view of several high-ranking western diplomats.

This event was a precursor to the installation of a PPP regime whose legitimacy is the subject of judicial challenge in the High Court.

We are happy to note that Law and Order was eventually restored and the Legislators were allowed to complete their Constitutional duty.

What is evident is that both Democrat and Republican Legislators were united in their call for the rogue element who perpetrated this act to face the full force of the Law in the USA.

On the contrary, in Guyana those rogue elements who created mayhem, damage and serious threat to our Democracy, even though their identities are known, were never charged but instead rewarded with the full powers of our Government and access to the Treasury of Guyana. These crimes will never go unnoticed and unpunished by our people.

The APNU+AFC is of the view that the United States of America will have to act in a manner consistent with the Global Leadership role it has exercised in decades past and it must do so quickly.


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