Members of Parliament for the APNU+AFC Coalition have collectively decided to transfer their individual $25,000 COVID Relief Grants to persons in the lower Pomeroon villages, who were adversely affected by severe flooding recently.

The persons affected have lost and suffered damage to household appliances and furniture, food stuff, livestock and to their properties.

According to the Coalition party, the government and the
Region 2 Regional Democratic Council have “done little to nothing to aid the flood affected residents or put any reasonable measures in place to alleviate their suffering.”

“The APNU+AFC Members of Parliament are deeply concerned about the welfare of their brothers and sisters in the lower Pomeroon and the seeming neglect by the authorities. The Leader of the Opposition Hon. Joseph Harmon, accompanied by Members of Parliament will visit the area on Saturday January 16 to assess the damages, to meet and listen to residents and their concerns,” the APNU+AFC said in a statement.

It said that it calls on the “PPP regime to end the discrimination in the distribution of COVID 19 relief grants and to hasten its distribution since there are thousands of Guyanese countrywide in desperate need who are yet to receive their grants.”


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