Legal Affairs Minister and Attorney General, Anil Nandlall says that contractors, who stray away from what is contractually required of them, will be subjected to legal proceedings. The AG said that this “no nonsense” approach will stop the hemorrhaging of millions of taxpayers’ dollars annually.

“In 2021, steps will be taken to solve this issue that has become a chronic problem, and that is the shoddy, substandard work – negligent work – that contractors do when they are awarded contracts by the Government of Guyana. We are overhauling the entire process…Well now, it will not continue anymore. Legal proceedings will be filed against contractors when they breach their contracts,” he said.

He added that apart from contractors being hauled before the courts, contracts will also be terminated, liquidated damages applied where appropriate, and the imposition of sanctions.

Guyana Standard was reliably informed that two contractors will be sued in the coming days for breaching their contractual obligations.

Millions of dollars will be claimed against them for breach of contract, lost of use of the public facility they were expected to construct, liquidated damages will be applied, interest will have to be paid, and other actions taken that will affect their ability to get government contracts in the future.


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