APNU+AFC Member, James Bond has called out the party’s leadership for “displaying gross incompetence” following the throwing out of one of the two elections petitions yesterday.

Chief Justice (ag) Roxane George dismissed the second election petition filed by Monica Thomas, Bernnan Joette Natasha Nurse challenging the validity of the March 2 General and Regional Elections. This petition deals with allegations of voters’ impersonation and anomalies, which were raised by the party during the national vote recount.

Among other things, the petitioners wanted an order to declare the elections null and void as it violates the Constitution, the Representative of the People Act and Order 60. They are also asking to nullify President Dr. Irfaan Ali’s declaration as the winner of the elections.

In her ruling, the Chief Justice noted that the documents concerning the petition were served on former President David Granger outside of the five- day statutory period. She pointed out that this procedure must be strictly complied with.

She further mentioned that the non-adherence to the prerequisites requiring service within the stipulated time would nullify the petition.

Notwithstanding, George said that the petitioners had sought to correct this error, but “have failed miserably,” since the evidence presented by them was “manifestly unreliable.”

“I declare that the petition is a nullity and cannot proceed…this petition is therefore dismissed,” the Chief Justice said while she awarded Court costs to the respondents.

Bond, in a recent Facebook post, lambasted his fellow party members; saying that they should resign for failing.

“The entire leadership of APNU+AFC who had anything to do with the planning and execution of the Election Petition should resign immediately. This is gross incompetence. This is madness! Is this what we slaved for [?]When they come for your vote at Congress ask them what part they played in the Election Petition. These things happen when you and your little clique want to control everything,” Bond wrote.


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