Housing and Water Minister, Collin Croal, says that his Ministry is looking to have the backlog in the issuance of land titles cleared by mid-year.

Minister Croal said on Wednesday, that this matter is one that is frequently raised during his engagements with the public.

“We are hoping that by the middle of this year that we can have those backlogs cleared, including the new ones we made from awards last year for which persons have paid off.”

Additionally, the Ministry is building its capacity to effectively manage the allocation of house lots. Minister Croal said this is to minimise the loss of house lot applications in the system.

The PPP/C Government intends to allocate 50,000 house lots over five years as promised in its manifesto. To date, through President Irfaan Ali’s ‘Dream Realised’ initiative, over 3,600 house lots have been delivered.

Further, in the 2020 Emergency Budget, the Government implemented several measures to make home ownership affordable for all. This includes the reversal of the value-added tax on building materials . Government also increased the mortgage interest relief ceiling for loans/mortgages to $30 million, which makes more money accessible for persons seeking mortgages.


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