Venezuela, today via its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, expressed concern over CARICOM’s support for Guyana’s position on the abduction of Guyanese fishermen by the Bolivarian National Navy.

In its statement to the press, the Ministry said that the Caribbean Community, with its communiqué of support, not only contributes to “an ominous hostility climate, but also supports the interests of U.S. transactional corporations which seek to take control” of the Essequibo Region, a region which Venezuela continues to falsely claim to have sovereignty over.

As it continues its aggressive media tactics, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela claimed via its statement to be a country of peaceful vocation, which has widely shown its solidarity with all countries of the region, and always promoting good neighbourly relations, respect, and cooperation. It further noted that it has shown unconditional solidarity at times when its Caribbean neighbours have gone through difficult situations. “(We have) never promoted military operations or exercises with extra-regional powers in controversial waters or territories, as Guyana has done.”

In this regard, the Venezuelan agency recalled that the Defense Force of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana and the United States Coast Guard conducted joint military exercises offshore Guyana. The Spanish speaking nation claimed that the exercise was done very close to Venezuelan jurisdictional waters. It said that this should be of concern to CARICOM.


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