Guyana is expected to receive an additional 149,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccines, this time through a Caribbean Community (CARICOM)-brokered agreement with the African Union. Making this announcement today during a sitting of the National Assembly, was the Health Minister, Dr Frank Anthony, who was at the time responding to questions from former Public Health Minister, Dr Karen Cummings.

He said that the African Union recently set aside 1.5M doses for the Caribbean, and that Guyana is wasting no time to tap into the allotment.

He added that apart from that quota, Guyana will also be getting vaccines from the COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access (COVAX) to immunize 20 percent of its population, with the first allotment being 104,000 doses. These vaccines are from the AstraZeneca brand and will require double doses. This means that 52,000 persons will be immunized with the first allotment.

He also reiterated the commitment made by the Chinese government to donate some 200,000 Sinofarm brand vaccines.

The Minister added that Guyana is currently in bilateral talks with various countries, including Russia and India and a number of multilateral agencies.

Dr Anthony said that the government has also been engaging the vaccine manufactures directly, including the company responsible for the Messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines and others that “can in the short term get emergency use” authorization.

The minister expressed optimism that providing there is a high uptake, Guyana can achieve herd immunity to exit the pandemic


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