The post-mortem examination conducted on Emanuel Solomon has revealed that the 20-year-old Belle West, West Bank Demerara youth died from “profound stab wounds”: four to his heart, one to his neck, two to the left side lung, and two to his back.

Solomon was stabbed in front of his home around 18:30hrs last Friday allegedly by three brothers from the same village. The brothers are currently in police custody.

Enquiries disclosed that Solomon and the suspects had a misunderstanding over a football game about eight months ago, and while he was sitting infront of his gap, he was attacked by the trio.

Following the incident, Solomon was rushed to the West Demerara Regional Hospital, where he was seen and examined by a doctor on duty. He was pronounced dead.

Based on further information received, the Police went to the suspects’ home at Belle West, where contact was made with one of the brothers, who was told of the allegation. He told police that Solomon had hit him with a wood, causing him to receive injuries to his face and left hand. As a result, he went home and complained to his other two brothers, who returned with him and assaulted the 20-year-old. That brother was taken into police custody. His mother later handed over her two other sons to the police.


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