Shaka Nunes of Lot 31 Maxwell Ally, Christianburg, Linden, today confessed to trafficking cocaine hidden in fudge but said that his wife, Vanica Williams, of the same address was ignorant to the contents of the package he asked her to ship.

The couple appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan who read the charge to them in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts.

The charge states that on February 15, between Lot 13 Maxwell Ally Christianburg Linden, DHL Express at Lot 34 ‘B’ Republic Avenue, Linden and DHL Express Lot 50 ‘E’ Fifth Street Alberttown, Georgetown, they trafficked 3.693 kilograms of cocaine.

Nunes admitted to the crime and told the court that he doesn’t want to waste the court’s time but asked that the court is lenient with his sentencing. He explained that his wife was not involved in the shipment aside from being the person he asked to post it. He also said that he has five children.

Nunes was sentenced to four years in jail and fined $1,776,600. While the charge against his wife was withdrawn.

According to the facts presented to the court, on the day in question, DHL had a suspicious package being shipped from Linden and which was suspected to be for the purpose of trafficking narcotics. The package was a box containing several food snacks, fudge, which was to be shipped to the United States of America.

The shipping company contacted the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) and before the item could be shipped it was intercepted by the ranks at Alberttown and searched. The narcotics was found hidden in the fudge. The fudge was tested and it was a positive result for cocaine.

The company traced back to the initial mailing address and Williams was questioned. She told the ranks that it was her reputed husband’s package.

Nunes was then contacted and he confessed that it was his package containing the drugs. He explained that he asked her to post it but she was unaware of the contents.


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