Following government’s disclosure that it wants to have construction aggregates surpass one million tonnes for 2021, several companies have approached the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the relevant approvals for massive projects so that the new demand could be met.

One such company is Queensway, a Guyanese company that has a number of mining interests and has been active in the industry for a decade.

The company is proposing to develop a stone (granite/gneiss) quarry (the Project) within the Cuyuni Mining District, south of Batavia. According to the project summary seen by Guyana Standard, the development which would be called Flatrock Quarry is expected to have a number of heavy-duty equipment along with a crushing plant and support equipment. The site to be development also has an estimated resource of 1,800,000 tons of rip rap and aggregate granite and gneisses rock.

Queensway was keen to note that the resource estimate is based on geological information available along with extrapolation of the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) Drill data and regional data using. It pointed out as well that reserve calculations will be updated in the immediate future once exploration work has been carried out on the property. It said that this will consist of extensive drilling on 100m by 100m line spacing using a RC drill rig for 1000m of drill core to define quarry resource.
This is expected to cost approximately USD$100,000 (GUY$20 Million) and will be done within 5-7 months of the license being granted.

The Project area is located in the Cuyuni Mining District just west of the confluence of the Mazaruni and Cuyuni Rivers, ½ mile downriver from Little Batavia Landing between the Tumereng and Amariwabe Creeks on the Right bank of the Cuyuni River. Access is mainly by river namely from Parika on the Essequibo River to the project area some five miles from the mouth of the Cuyuni River.


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