Ralph Jones, 60, a boat captain of Lot 114 Fourth Avenue Bartica, was today slapped with four counts of harboring a fugitive.

He appeared at the Vreed-en-Hoop Magistrates’ Court when he was read the four indictable charges.

The charge states that on February 16, at the above address, he, cognizant of the fact that the four men were convicted prisoners at the Mazaruni Prison had escaped from the said prison, he on the said date received, comforted, harboured and maintained them.

His attorney, Adrian Thompson, told the court that his client’s son showed up at his home with the other 3 convicts and demanded food and money.

Thompson said his client was fearful for his life and if he didn’t help the escapees, it could have cost him his life.

Magistrate Crystal Lambert refused to grant bail and he was remanded until March 5.

Guyana Standard understands that the four convicts, Imran Ramsaywack, Kenrick Lyte, Samuel Gouveia and Ryan Jones, escaped the prison on Tuesday last.

Jones, while being interrogated by the police Thursday last, disclosed that after his son escaped from the Mazaruni Prison he contacted him by telephone sometime after 21:00hrs and informed of his actions.

Jones further admitted that sometime after 01:00hrs the following day, all four of the escapees showed up at his house where he provided each of them with a change of clothing. He in turn collected the clothes that they were wearing and dumped them in an alleyway aback his house in Fourth Avenue Bartica.

The police ranks went to the location disclosed where they found a white ‘salt bag’ which contained the following items: clothing, footwear, deodorant, pillow and pillow-cases, along with a bottle of Red Star rub, a toothbrush, and a food bowl. The three other escapees have been identified as ImranRamsaywack, Kenrick Lyte, and Samuel Gouveia. Ramsaywack was found guilty of murder as was Lyte. Jones was sentenced for manslaughter and Gouveia was imprisoned in relation to the said offense.


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