President of the Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID), Rickford Burke, an avid supporter of the A Partnership for National Unity + Alliance for Change (APNU), said that he recently briefed United States Congress officials on the Guyana government’s “war against African Guyanese and other opposition supporters”.

See full statement below:

On Saturday, February 20, 2021, I had an opportunity to brief multiple Members of the United States Congress, as well as an official of the Biden Administration, on efforts by the ethno-fascist PPP regime in Guyana to unlawfully and unjustly seize the lands and property of African Guyanese and other APNU+AFC supporters.

Specifically, we discussed efforts to arbitrarily and unlawfully evict and confiscate legitimately own [sic] and acquired lands and properties of Cevon’s, Wilfred Bransford, Brian Tiwari, Guyanese African American developers, investors, and others, strictly on the basis of race and perceived political affiliation.

Make no mistake about it! The Trump Administration installed PPP regime is an ethnocracy that is the most violentlly [sic] racist and brutally oppressive political organization in the Americas. They are determined to use all of the national patrimony and resources solely for the benefit of their PPP East Indian base. The regime is carrying on a most ruthless campaign to disposess [sic] African Guyanese of lands and properties and to cut off their economic survival.

Essentially, the regime is waging a war on black people and opposition supporters. PPP racism poses an existential threat to African Guyanese and the preservation of the Republic of Guyana as we know it. Consequently, the people of the Caribbean, particularly of African ancestry; the Caribbean diaspora in the United States, as well as African Americans, must stand with African Guyanese and others [sic] supporters of the APNU+AFC coalition party, to help fight, defeat and annihilate PPP racism in Guyana.

Furthermore, I expressed to our Members of Congress CGID’s grave concern that failing regional and international intervention, civil unrest, that leads to bloodshed, will erupt in Guyana.

I also discussed in detail atrocities allegedly committed by the installed Attorney General – the PPP racist leading the campaign to marginalize blacks in Guyana. I provided evidence of Anil Nandlall threatening to kill journalists – an act of domestic terrorism, as well as reports establishing that Nandlall is also a suspect in the murder of Courtney Crum Ewing and that he has been under Police investigation in connection with the said Crum Ewing murder. I also made it clear that CGID has no confidence in the Guyana Police Force to solve these crimes, as the Police Force has a sordid history of covering up PPP killings of African Guyanese.

CGID is in communication with several other members of Congress about the racist agenda and actions of the ethno-fascist PPP regime. Soon we intend to commence a series of consultations in Washington DC to expose the racist conduct of Trump’s overtly racist US Ambassador to Guyana, Sarah Lynch. We will not allow a fascist PPP ethnocracy to flourish in Guyana with the complicity of a Trump appointed-racist Ambassador.

Rest assured that we at CGID will not stop our advocacy until PPP racism is defeated; Nandilall and his fellow PPP criminals are brought to justice and sanctioned, and the Trump, racist US Ambassador is recalled from Guyana for serious ethics violations and for engendering and embracing PPP, anti-black racism.


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