The PPP/C Administration has bought 112 tractors to deliver to Amerindian villages as part of its efforts to stimulate agriculture production. Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai made this announcement at a recent consultation with residents and village leaders of Karasabai, Region Nine.

“This is to boost agriculture to ensure that food security across the hinterland is sustained and secured so our people will not go hungry in times of disaster and that agriculture will be taken to a different level,” she said.

The Ministry also intends to purchase other equipment to retrofit the tractors so that the needs of the villages can be met.

“We have an allocation to acquire 112 ploughs and harrows which will be distributed to the villages that receive the tractor, and this is to enhance cultivation, to make agriculture a bit easier for villages,” she explained.

Minister Sukhai said the tractors would not only benefit the agriculture sector, but would also assist with the transport of goods and services, and aid the development of the villages dependent on logging activities.

She said the Government is actively considering adding support for the continuous development of village economies.

“Our track record of the past has shown that we have moved Guyana from a period whereby Guyana was fractured and broken as a country, to where we have seen progressive, incremental development among the people, the villages.”

Just last month, the Ministry advertised an Invitation for Bids (IFBs) for several pieces of equipment to ease difficulties in the transportation, communication and agricultural and other sectors.

Amerindians have benefited from the distribution of the $25,000 per household COVID-19 relief cash grants to primary households, and the one-off COVID-19 investment fund for villages.

The $1.73 billion fund was created to facilitate infrastructural development projects as well as income-generating/economic projects to sustain Amerindian village economies.


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