From the killing of the Henry Cousins to several prison breaks and more recently, the gunning down of a citizen in the nation’s capital, it is time that Guyana formulates an anti-crime strategy, says Opposition Member of Parliament (MP), Geeta Chandan-Edmond. The former Magistrate has also signaled the Opposition’s intention to work along with the government to craft this mechanism. She made this known during a press conference yesterday.

Her call for the implementation of a plan comes on the heels of the President, Dr. Irfaan Ali, already announcing his government’s intention to operationalize a ‘robust’ anti-crime strategy. This commitment was made during a recent engagement with a private sector organisation.

Chandan-Edmond said that she is worried about the recent spate of crime in the country and claims that the population is already exhibiting fear. There have been at least three incidents of persons escaping lawful custody since August 2020, and one deadly confrontation between escapees and police on the East Coast of Demerara.

The MP contends that Guyana is facing a “national crisis” and an anti-crime plan must be initiated.

“[We need a] comprehensive national plan, which must engage all stakeholders. We reiterate our willingness to participate in the national interest to facilitate the formulation of this plan,” she said.

The MP added that the plan must be founded on the Security Sector Reform Programme, which she said, was formulated by the APNU+AFC government. Chandan-Edmond expressed dissatisfaction with the government for not operationalising the programme. She then offered to assist the government in bringing the initiative online.

“I say to the government: Let us sit and discuss the operation areas of the plan and the provision of adequate financial and other resource allocations to move forward with this plan.”


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