Following the safe reinstatement of the repaired and upgraded components of the flash gas compression system, ExxonMobil announced moments ago that the team onboard the Liza Destiny FPSO initiated a comprehensive three-phase testing programme.

Over the last few days, ExxonMobil explained that the team completed the first two phases, which were intended to verify the effectiveness of the modifications to the equipment and control system logic. It was further noted that pilot level flare (which is the burning of one million cubic feet of gas or less per day) was attained during the testing and a significant volume of process and mechanical data collected.

Additionally, ExxonMobil said that the final stage of testing will take place this week after the removal of temporary instrumentation while noting that the third phase involves monitoring the performance of the machine closely in normal, steady-state operation.
The Stabroek Block Operator was keen to note that an additional update on the foregoing would be provided next week.


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