Wanted man, Conway Higgins called ‘Ninja Man’ was yesterday afternoon shot by a police officer at Ann’s Grove, East Coast Demerara (ECD).

Enquiries disclosed that at around 15:30hrs, a mobile unit under the command of a Sergeant and seven other ranks drove into the Ann’s Grove district to carry out a cordon and search exercise when they received information from a resident that Higgins, who is wanted for several offenses, was in the area.

Conway is wanted for break and enter committed on a 50-year-old resident of Two Friends Village, Ann’s Grove and wounding and damage to property committed on another resident in the same area.

Higgins saw police approaching and began running in an eastern direction. He was subsequently cornered at a ballfield, when he allegedly pulled out a knife and advanced towards a rank.

The Guyana Police Force said that Higgins was warned several times, but still continued to advance toward the rank. The officer then discharged a round in Higgins’ direction, hitting him in his right thigh.

He was then picked up and taken to the Dr. CC Nicholas Hospital, where he is presently receiving treatment under guard.

The knife was lodged at Cove and John Police Station.


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