See full release from the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) regarding the recent ruling by the Chief Justice, Roxane George relating to Elections Petition 88:

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) welcomes the ruling handed down today in the Supreme Court by the Honorable Chief Justice, Roxanne George, which confirmed that the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) has the responsibility to independently supervise elections and can issue instructions and take actions as it deems necessary when matters relating to the conduct of the elections arise.

This in effect means that GECOM’s Order 60, which paved the way for the recount of the 2020 ballots, was constitutionally issued and therefore within its legal remit.

The ruling has vindicated the position of the PPP and almost all other political parties and civil society bodies in Guyana, as well as elections observers and the international community, that the machinations and obstructions of the APNU/AFC following the March 2020 polls, were purely meant to hijack the March 2020 elections which it lost fair and square, in a brazen attempt to derail Guyana’s hard-earned democracy, and retain power through back
door means.

The relentless efforts by the PNC led APNU/AFC opposition to destabilize the country following the conclusion of their five-month-long post-election shenanigans to fulfill its vulgar lust for power, was on full display again today, even after the ruling of the Chief Justice to dismiss the frivolous and baseless elections petition. The PPP vehemently condemns Harmon’s attack on the Chief Justice and the Judiciary and calls on all Guyanese to dismiss the opposition’s aggressive posturing as yet another rank attempt to remain relevant and to mislead its supporters.

We urge the law enforcement agencies to make every effort to maintain law and order. Particular focus should be placed on ensuring that the COVID-19 protocols are adhered to in light of the public health risk it poses.


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