While he does not agree with the government having its hands in the establishment of an oil refinery, President, Irfaan Ali said he has no qualms about private sector interests going after such a venture.

During an engagement with the media today at State House, Ali reminded that campaign by the PPP/C during the 2020 General and Regional Elections saw it outlining a position that all opportunities have to be explored in order for Guyana to realize its true potential with the oil resources.

With this in mind, a refinery has always been part of the discussion, the President said. Expounding on this front he said, “But what we did on the campaign was that we made it clear that while we support the building of a refinery to add value to our oil and gas sector, we don’t support government investing in it. So yes, we support it but we have received private sector proposals for same and that, of course, is being looked at by the government.”

As regards his government’s use of the oil revenues in the future, Ali said it must be used to strengthen existing opportunities while paving the way for new ones that lead to economic growth and social development. In creating those opportunities, the Head of State was adamant that his government must ensure there is no widening of the gap between the rich and the poor.

He said, “The oil resource has to be used to close the gap so heath care, education, food security, housing, these are all critical areas that once developed, will help to achieve this.”


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