Feroz, also known as ‘Toney’ of Sisters Village, West Bank Demerara, fell to his death today around 13:25hrs, while he was working on a Regent Street building.

Enquiries disclosed that Feroze was employed by Peter Ramdoo, a foreman of Skull City Patentia West Bank Demerara, for the past four months as a labourer. Peter Ramdoo was contracted by Glenn Lall to construct a six-storey building situated at Regent Street.

According to the foreman, about 13:25 hrs, Feroze was mixing cement on the ground floor and on completion, he walked up to the fourth floor of the building, which is presently under construction and has an open space with a stairway in the centre.

About two minutes later, Ramdoo said he heard a crashing sound and upon checking, he saw Feroze had fallen to the ground from the fourth floor, hitting his head and other body parts.

Feroze was picked up by an ambulance and taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where he was examined and pronounced dead on arrival.

The body was examined and a punctured wound was observed at the back of his head. Investigations are ongoing.


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