The Alliance For Change (AFC) says it wants Nigel Hoppie confirmed as Commissioner of Police as the current Top Cop, Leslie James prepares for retirement in a few days.

“We would like to see that the one who is in line – and that is Mr Hoppie – be appointed. If Mr Hoppie is not appointed, then that is a decision that the President has to make, and I rather suspect that they’re trying to run away from the next person in line which is in accordance to Public Service rules and things like that, and also, because of the competency of Nigel Hoppie,” AFC Leader, Khemraj Ramjattan said today during a virtual press conference.

The AFC revealing its preference comes days after President, Dr Irfaan Ali shied away from saying if Hoppie will be confirmed to that position. Dr Ali was asked if Hoppie will receive his blessing to be the new official Top Cop, but the Head of State was strategic in not answering with a simple yes or no. He said that Hoppie continues to act as Commissioner of Police and that is as much as he will say on that matter.

In any case, even if the President already has his pick for Top Cop, that appointment is highly unlikely to be made any time soon. The process for the appointment of a Commissioner of Police constitutionally necessitates the input of the Leader of the Opposition.


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