The 15-year-old sister of Shonette Dover played an integral role in her burial. This is according to sources close to the investigation.

Guyana Standard understands that police were told that after Shaquawn Alleyne, the victim’s boyfriend, allegedly killed Dover with a single gunshot to the face, he took her teenage sister with him to his father’s house. They travelled on a motorbike. Alleyne, also known as “Iswe Boss,” reportedly explained to his father, Shawn, what had occurred. He told his father that he accidentally shot his girlfriend while playing with his gun. It was his father who advised him to bury the body but did not partake in the burial.

Police say that the teen and her sister’s killer returned to the house alone after borrowing a spade. She then helped Alleyne to take the body outside; dug a shallow grave; placed her sister inside, in a sitting position, and then covered her up.

This publication understands that the teen originally went to spend a few days with the sister. However, she returned home the day after the young bartender was killed on April 3, last. She stayed tightlipped about the entire ordeal until she was picked up by police yesterday afternoon. Guyana Standard understands that the teen and her mother were taken to the station but she was interviewed separately from her mother, in the presence of a probation officer. The interview was recorded.

Dover’s decomposed body was found in the wee hours of this morning after the teen directed cops to the spot.


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