Simone Dover, the mother of Shonette Dover, is willing to put her head on a block for her teen daughter. The bereaved woman is convinced that Shaquawn Alleyne, her dead daughter’s boyfriend and killer, had no improper contact with her younger daughter. She believes that he simply drove extreme fear into the teen. This is despite the fact that the teen managed to remain tightlipped while acting normal for weeks after she helped to bury her older sister in a shallow grave.
Simone and her teen daughter were picked up by police yesterday afternoon around 17:00hrs. They were escorted to the station where the teen was interviewed by police in the presence of a probation officer. The interview was recorded. The mother said that she was not allowed in the room but she stayed at the station way into the wee hours of this morning. She told Guyana Standard, “Is till bout 4 o’clock this morning I come home.”

The mother said that the teen did not utter a word to her about what occurred the night her sister was killed. Also, Simone said that the teen acted relatively normal over the past few weeks.

The only occurrence that was out of the ordinary was her talking in her sleep.

According to Simone, “Is either a day or a night I hear me daughter shouting, ‘don’t shoot me, don’t shoot me, don’t shoot me’ in she sleep.”

Later on in the interview, Simone indicated that her teen daughter lives upstairs with her grandmother whom, she stressed, is a staunch Christian. Asked how come she was able to hear her daughter talking in her sleep when the teen usually stays with her granny upstairs, the grieving mother said that that occurred on an occasion when the teen spent some time downstairs with her. She said this was “a l’il while ago.”’

Guyana Standard drew to Simone’s attention the fact that many Guyanese believe that her teen daughter may have had improper relations with her sister’s killer.
She quickly responded, “No! Never, not at all. She (the teen) is not a person like that. Everybody know she in she school all. She is a dancer in the church. She is a good Christian. Shonette dead now and he (the killer) aint deh so is all kind of thing you gon hear now. But me daughter aint stay suh.”

Guyana Standard told the mother about police reports to the effect that her daughter helped to bury Shonette. To this she responded, “Me ain’t really hear that. But she is not a person like that.”

The mother revealed her strong conviction that “They, (the killer and his father) mussy threaten the girl.”
Simone said that her daughters shared a good relationship. “She and her sister had a good relationship. All ah we is good sister and mother.”
Simone pleaded, ““Owe, yall help meh get meh daughter come home back.”

She added, “It could happen to anyone else children. If she (the teen) de try to do something about it, it would have been two deaths. So thank God.”


  1. Every criminal, or those associated with criminals, are staunch Christians. The relatives are willing to show you these creatures had stacks of bibles and went to church regularly. Does not stop them from being criminals


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