Yesterday, a party of police conducted an eradication exercise on the left bank of Ebini, Upper Berbice River. Four cultivated farms of about five acres of marijuana were found.

At the first farm, the police came under fire with two ranks returning fire. A search was conducted and a single barrel shotgun and a twelve gauge empty cartridge were found. Further searches were conducted and four bulky black plastic bags with a quantity of processed cannabis and kitchen utensils were found in a make shift camp.

At the second farm, a quantity of processed cannabis and kitchen utensils were found, along with a makeshift camp. The third and fourth farms consisted of two makeshift camps and cannabis plants under cultivation. Six motor cycles were also found. A wooden boat, which was left abandoned, was later claimed by the Toshao of Sand Hills.

The processed cannabis weighed about 600 pounds, and along with the 10,000 plants, an estimated $680,600,000 in the drug was destroyed. The camps, cannabis and farms were destroyed by fire. One suspect is in custody.


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