Police have issued wanted bulletin for 27-year-old, Samorea Mitchell for questioning in relation to murder committed on Delroy McKenzie and the attempted murder of Calvin Daly on July 17, 2021 at Sunflower Street, Wismar Linden.Anyone with information that may lead to the arrest of Mitchell is asked to contact the police on telephone numbers 620-6836, 226-6978, 225-8196, 268-2328, 268-2298/2222, 226-7065, 226-4701, 661-5870, 911 or the nearest police station.

All information will be treated with the strictest confidence, the police said.

Mitchell’s last know address is Lot 716 Phase One ‘B’ Wisroc, Linden.

McKenzie was gunned down while on his way to Linden to meet a “female friend”. His friend, Daly, accompanied him.

Daly told investigators that on July 17 around 17:00hrs, he and McKenzie left Georgetown. Daly said that they arrived in Linden around 21:00hrs via public transportation and went to Church’s restaurant to purchase food.

He recalled that McKenzie subsequently received directions from his female friend via telephone. The instructions he recalled were to “join a boat at the last stelling at the McKenzie shore.” On arrival at the Wismar shore, McKenzie contacted the female and was told to walk up the road through Sunflower Street.

The injured man told police investigators that they made their way through the street to a bridge and a short distance into the cross street. McKenzie then received another phone call, during which the female told him to turn around since she was sending a silver wagon to pick them up. The duo then approached the said silver wagon and attempted to open the back door. It is alleged that a man opened the door first and started to shoot , while another came out of the front passenger seat and also opened fire.

Based on preliminary investigations, the car had three unrecognizable male occupants. After the shooting, the gunmen re-entered the car and drove off in a southern direction towards Silver City Street. Daly received two gunshot wounds on the left and right lower arm and abrasions to both of his arms. He was escorted to the Linden Hospital Complex where he was admitted a patient. He told police that he does not have any information on the female friend McKenzie was on his way to meet.

McKenzie was then escorted to the Linden Hospital Complex where he was examined by the doctor and pronounced dead on arrival.

The car that was used by the suspects was found burnt at Blue Lake, Linden two days later. McKenzie was shot nine times.


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