Discussions are ongoing to make COVID-19 Vaccination Cards ‘more portable’, Health Minister, Dr. Frank Anthony said today.

With government introducing vaccination requirements for persons visiting ministries and other governmental agencies, persons have called for a more ‘wallet friendly’ card to replace the ‘bulky’ document. Many have opted to laminate their cards, with some even minimizing the document.

Dr. Anthony said today that the card is proof of vaccination, and it is important that persons retain the original format of the document so as not to cause confusion or exposing the card to illegal replication. There are already reports of persons selling vaccination cards in the country. The minister has since issued a stern warning, promising to unleash the ‘full brunt of the law’ upon persons who are caught committing forgery.

Dr. Anthony said that his ministry has been contemplating the modification of the document ‘in the future’, but noted the logistical challenges that issuing these documents may pose. He said that in the meantime, persons must find ways to protect their cards.

The vaccination card being issued by the sites are roughly 4½” by 5 ½” when closed, and 8 ½” long with 5 ½” wide when opened.


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