A fifth suspect in the murder of Hemraj Pardessi, 60, an overseas-based Guyanese has confessed to the heinous crime while noting that he and his accomplices just wanted to rob the man of a large amount of cash.

This new development was confirmed by a well-placed source close to the investigation. The fifth suspect has been identified as 32-year-old Maryo Bissoondyal – a fisherman.

According to the source, thorough investigation led to the arrest of Bissoondyal at about 12:30 hrs today. He was apprehended after a long pursuit in the Canje Creek and backlands.

Following his arrest, he was taken to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital to seek medical attention for injuries, which he received during his bid to evade the police.

According to the source, during interrogation, Bissoondyal stated that he was in the company of one Jason Isaacs when they went to Lot 9 Reliance Settlement, East Canje, to commit a robbery on Pardessi.

He explained that another accomplice Melissa Dutchin, who resides opposite the deceased, was the person who contacted Isaacs to rob the man.

Dutchin lured the man over to her yard and then messaged Isaacs informing him that the 60-year-old man had just left her yard and was going home.

Consequently, Bissoondyal and Isaacs apprehended the man in his yard, which resulted in a scuffle. Isaacs then armed himself with a steel rod, which he used to deal Pardessi two lashes to his head.

The man then collapsed and Isaacs took the man’s keys from his pocket and opened the front door, and went into the house. At that time, the police arrived, and they made good their escape.

Presently, police are hunting for a sixth male and a female, who are suspected to have lured the victim out of his yard briefly, which allowed the perpetrators to gain entrance.

Meanwhile, Issacs was jailed in 2019 for a Chinese Supermarket robbery but was released from prison in February 2021.


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