Speaker of the House, Manzoor Nadir, this morning refused a request from Opposition Leader, Joseph Harmon to debate restrictions placed on unvaccinated citizens.

Earlier this month, the government introduced modified COVID-19 measures, which included more ease of access to vaccinated citizens visiting ministries and government agencies. Unvaccinated persons are now required to make appointments to access services. All public transport operators are also required to be vaccinated, while casinos, restaurants, and bars are only allowed to admit vaccinated persons.

This morning, Harmon urged that the discussions be allowed, but Nadir said that while the matter was important, it was not urgent.

Harmon believes that the imposed requirements will hamper the ability of the people of Guyana to access public and government services.


  1. I said before: Harmon is living proof of re-incarnation, as it is almost impossible for someone to become so stupid in one life-time.


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