Opposition Leader, Joseph Harmon says that the two-week grace period given to frontline health workers and public transport operators is insufficient. He said that at least a month should have been given to allow workers to get vaccinated.

See full statement below:

I have taken note of the announcement from the Ministry of Health regarding the suspension of the measures related to vaccination for some categories of workers. This measure was clearly taken as a means of temporary appeasement in light of the strident and condign action of citizens in standing up for their constitutionally enshrined rights.

The APNU+AFC Coalition salutes these brave citizens who will not allow their rights and civil liberties to be trampled upon by an uncaring PPP regime.

The temporary relaxation of the measures is a partial step towards allowing good sense and reason to prevail. It is wholly regrettable that it took citizens taking to the streets to force the regime to acknowledge their missteps in attempting to impose unreasonable measures on the people.

The PPP regime cannot ignore the overwhelming and understandable concerns of Guyanese who must be treated with dignity and respect at all times.

A compassionate government would have done the prudent and appropriate thing by suspending all the measures related to vaccination for at least one month to allow Guyanese to continue to be vaccinated and at the same time intensify public education on the issue.

Vaccination is an important step in fighting the adverse effects of COVID-19 and enabling us, as a nation, to emerge from the pandemic. In this regard, the Coalition, once again, strongly encourages Guyanese to consider taking the WHO-approved vaccines which include AstraZeneca and Sinopharm.

The suspension of some measures by two weeks is insufficient and we call on the PPP to extend and expand the suspension to all measures related to vaccination and for a period of no less than one month.


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