Gunmen yesterday robbed a Kitty, Georgetown goldsmith and his customers of jewelry, cash, and other items, amounting to millions of dollars.

According to police report, the robbery took place sometime around 20:45hrs, as the 40-year-old goldsmith was at his business place along with five waiting customers.

The three suspects armed with handguns entered, held them at gunpoint, and demanded that they hand over their belongings.

While one of the bandits robbed the goldsmith, the two others began relieving the customers of their belongings before escaping on two motorcycles.

The suspects, according to police, carted off $1.2 million in gold jewelry from the goldsmith, while the customers were relieved of one gold chain valued at $70,000; two gold chains valued at $80,000; one pair gold bangles valued $190,000; one silver chain valued $30,000; one gold chain valued $40,000; five gold rings valued $400,000; one silver and gold band valued $30,000; two gold anklets valued $200,000; two gold bands valued $180,000 and a pair of gold jingles valued $120,000.

The suspects also fled with one handbag containing US$2,200; one black J7 cellphone and one black LG cellphone valued $40,000 and GYD 180,000.


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