The Guyana Police Force disclosed moments ago that several of its ranks are on their way to apprehend a 26-year-old man who mercilessly chopped his father following an argument and left him to die in the backdam.

Police reports thus far note that the alleged murder occurred on the island of Wakenaam earlier today. Guyana Standard understands that the father and son left for the backdam earlier today but only the son returned, claiming he was feeling unwell.

When asked the whereabouts of his father, he claimed that he left his father in the backdam. However, checks for the father led to the discovery of his pants and a cell phone.

Investigators said the 26-year-old son then traveled to Troolie Island where villagers further questioned him and he confessed to chopping his father several times and leaving him to die after they had an argument.

The villagers have since apprehended him and are awaiting police who are en route to the said location.

More details will follow in a subsequent report.


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