The Guyana Police Force (GPF) says that contrary to a statement issued by Attorneys representing the family of slain Dartmouth, Essequibo Coast businessman, Orin Boston, it has no desire to conceal the true sequence of events.

Boston was fatally shot yesterday morning by a law enforcement official during an anti-crime exercise at the man’s home The incident sparked protest with residents blocking the road at Dartmouth with burning tyres and debris.

The force issued a statement following the shooting, in which it stated that Boston was shot during a ‘confrontation’, but the man’s wife told the lawyers that her ‘unarmed’ husband was shot while he was in bed. The lawyers say what the bloodied bed sheets recovered is proof of this.

They are accusing the force of rushing to adopt a ‘hostile position’ by attributing to Boston acts of aggression, which the lawyers say have been contradicted by both the eyewitnesses and the independent evidence. The lawyers concluded that force has a desire to conceal the true sequence of events.

“This rush to judgment by the Guyana Police Force immediately discloses the inherent biases and predisposition which would render an independent investigation almost impossible,” they said.

But the force has denied this ‘premature and irresponsible’ allegation.

It said that its statement about Boston being shot in a confrontation was made following a debrief of the ranks who were involved in the anti-crime operation.

The Commissioner of Police (ag) Nigel Hoppie during a press conference yesterday afternoon, said that the claims made by Boston’s wife will form part of the investigation being conducted by the Police Office of Professional Responsibility. She has since given a statement to the investigating ranks.

The issues of concern raised by the Attorneys will be dealt with in the ongoing investigations. However, some aspects have already been discussed with relatives. Blood samples have also been uplifted at the scene and the bloodied bed sheet taken into custody by Police Crime Scene ranks.

The Guyana Police Force says that it has no desire to “conceal the true sequence of events” as stated by the family’s lawyers.

It said that a thorough, impartial, and professional investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of Orin Boston will be conducted.


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