President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali, today granted approval for the ‘Because We Care’ cash grant and School Uniform and Supplies grant programme to be extended to the parents of children attending private schools.

The initiative was originally only applicable to parents of children in the public school system, but a number of parents from private schools had asked for the programme to be extended to their children.

After consultation, a favourable decision was made.  It is estimated that some 17,000 students will benefit from the investment, which will amount to more than $320M.
This is in addition to the $3.3 billion already distributed to the parents of the more than 175,000 students attending public schools.

Under the Because-We-Care programme, cash grants are given to the parents of each child attending school, to provide support in procuring school supplies.

The programme, which is a brainchild of the PPP/C, enjoyed widespread popularity over the years, with parents receiving $10,000 each year until it was discontinued by the APNU/AFC while they were in office. It has since been restarted by the new PPP/C Government and the amount of the grant has increased.

The ‘Because We Care’ grant is now valued at $15,000 and the School Uniform and Supplies Grant are valued at $4,000, amounting to $19,000 per student.

President Ali has issued instructions for work to commence immediately to make the pay out to all eligible parents.


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