Police in Region One are investigating an accident that occurred on Sunday around 17:50hrs at the Yarakaita Access road, North West District (N.W.D), involving motor lorry, GWW 609, driven by 27-year-old John Peter of Kumaka Stretch, N.W.D.

Enquiries disclosed that the lorry was proceeding west along the Yarakaita Access Road at a fast rate of speed, and while descending a hill, the steering arm came loose causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle.

The lorry ended up colliding into a mud wall (baranka) on the northern side of the road, causing the vehicle to spin around and turn turtle.

At the time of the accident, there were two other persons in the cab (unidentified) and three in the tray: Mark Wells, 26, of Kumaka Water Front; Leroy Chu, 17; and 35-year-old, Edwin King.

As a result of the collision, the three occupants in the tray were hoisted into the air and onto the roadway receiving injuries.

Mark Wells received lacerations to the right ankle, and abrasions to his left shoulder and about his body. Edwin King received abrasions about his body while Leroy Chu received lacerations to the head, left ankle, and abrasion to his shoulder.

Mark Wells and Edwin King were picked up in an unconscious condition and Leroy Chu was picked up in a conscious condition by the Mabaruma Regional Hospital Ambulance and taken to the Mabaruma Regional Hospital where Wells was pronounced dead on arrival at about 20:25 hrs.

His body is presently lying in the Mabaruma Regional Hospital Mortuary awaiting post mortem examination.

Edwin King and Leroy Chu were seen and examined and admitted patients suffering from fractured right ribs and open fracture to the right ankle. Edwin King is listed as critical while Leroy Chu is listed as stable.

Notice of intended prosecution was served on the driver, who is in police custody as investigations continue.


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