Vista Trading and Logistics (Guyana) Limited, a subsidiary of Toolsie Persaud Limited, is poised to be a major player in the oil industry as it intends to import and supply well cement needed for the sector.

According to project documents before the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the proposed construction of the warehouse to bag and distribute oil-well cement and other gas-related equipment will be located at Le Ressouvenir on the East Coast Demerara, approximately 11.26 kilometers (7 miles) away from the capital city, Georgetown.

The total land area is approximately 1.0 acre which is characterized by predominately fine-textured, heavy clay soils.

Guyana Standard understands that the area is zoned for commercial and industrial activities with sensitive ecosystems, schools, hospitals, and major waterways and sea defenses located more than one kilometer from the designated area. However, surrounding land uses include residences approximately 50 metres to the south and west, and greater than 100 metres to the east. A place of worship is approximately 150 metres north, and a hotel is located 230 metres north as well.

In light of the foregoing coordinates and land use, the EPA’s Environmental Assessment Board is hosting a public hearing on the project tomorrow at 2 PM. The meeting is being held at the EPA’s Sophia office and will see representations from the developer and other key stakeholders. Following this, the EPA’s Assessment Board will decide on whether the project should receive the green light or not.

The name Toolsie Persaud Limited has been prevalent in Guyanese history for over the past eighty (80) years. The family-owned company has been predominately integrated with the building and construction industry of Guyana and stands as the parent company to numerous others ranging in logging, sawmilling, marine transport, quarrying, manufacturing, and general hardware. It is also known for providing quality products and services to its many customers.


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