From September 2020 to the end of August 2021, the Infectious Disease Hospital (COVID-19) at Liliendaal, admitted 2,338 persons. Of that number, 2,003 were successfully treated and discharged, which represents an 85.7% discharge rate, Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony disclosed today. This also means that 335 persons or about 15% of admissions succumbed while receiving treatment at the hospital. The figures also support the assumption that about 14 out of every 100 patients died from the virus.

Dr Anthony said that with persons becoming more critically ill with the virus, the country is experiencing more deaths and hospitalisations across the country.

“Unfortunately, as we know with COVID, we are going to have critically ill patients who would come into the ICU and some of them are going to die at the hospital because of varying complications. And therefore, we have lost some of these patients. So, 85.7% of the people we have seen at the COVID hospital were successfully treated and discharged and unfortunately, we had some persons who succumbed to their various illnesses.”

With the duration being a year since the operationalisation of the hospital, the average number of admissions per month stands at about 194, with 48 per week and approximately six per day.

Meanwhile, some 357,208 persons or 69.6% of the adult population have received a first dose of a vaccine, with 185,972 (36.3%) taking both jabs. Some 23,664 adolescents have received both and single doses of the Pfizer vaccine, which represents 32.4% of that cohort.


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