Police are looking for two men who reportedly tossed some 14.497 kilogrammes (about 32lbs) in a clump of bushes and ran away after seeing a police patrol.

The incident occurred around 11:15hrs yesterday at Parker Street, Providence, East Bank Demerara.

On the said date, ranks were on motorcycle patrol in the said area, when they observed the duo, standing at the said koker with a bulky black plastic bag each in their hands and upon seeing the police they started to act suspiciously.

The ranks then proceeded in the direction of the men who threw the bags into a nearby clump of bushes and escaped on foot.

The ranks retrieved the bags and upon examination, observed the contents to be several blue, white, and pink and white transparent plastic bags with cannabis.

The narcotic was taken to the Golden Grove Police Station where it was weighed and amounted to 14.497 kilograms.

Investigations are ongoing.


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