This exponential increase in deaths is believed to have been caused by the existence of the Delta and other variants of the virus in Guyana. While the Ministry has not made any formal confirmation, the Health Minister, Dr Frank Anthony remains adamant that mutations are circulating in the country. He said that the increase in hospitalization is stemming from heightened severity of symptoms, which can only mean that there are more transmissible and deadly variants present. The Ministry is operating under the assumption that Guyana is playing host to all mutations including the deadly Mu variant, which originated in Columbia and is being detected in several parts of the Caribbean and North America.

Between September 1 and 30, Guyana recorded 6,104 new infections from 47,705 tests, reflecting a 12.7% positive confirmation rate.

Within those 30 days also, infections in males went from 12,537 to 15,222 – an increase of 2,685 – while infection among females increased by 3,419. For September, males accounted for 43.9% of all infections, with females recording 56%.

All regions, except for the Potaro/Siparuni (Region Eight) district recording cases above 100.

See full breakdown of the cases per region and increased infections for September 2021:


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